**Please note, memberships run from January 1- December 31 of the membership year. ** 

Renew My Membership  (See "Logging in to Membership" instructions below).

If you are a new member, please select your membership type to join:

Logging in to Membership
If you are already a member, use your email as a user ID and reset your password. You will get a reset password link in your email. Click on the link and put in your new password. You should be able to login and register for membership.
  ** If you have problems logging in, please email [email protected].**
  ** If you have changed jobs and or email address, please contact [email protected] to change in the system before you register.**
If you are a new member, your user Id will be your email address and you will be prompted to enter a password.

Membership Registration Instructions

  1. If you are a current member and want to renew, click on Renew Your Membership. If you are a new member click on the corresponding application. **Only New Members need to click on the links that say application.**

  2. Adding a secondary Institutional Member **ONLY THE PRIMARY CAN ADD A NEW SECONDARY MEMBER**
    1. If the secondary member is a new member, the primary can click on Additional Institutional Member Application and fill out the new member’s information
    2. If the member is a current member and is already a secondary member, they will automatically be updated in the system. No need to do anything.
  3. Only a member can log in to register themselves. If someone else usually registers for them, they can either log in as the member or the member can log in and have someone enter the credit card information.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please email [email protected] and questions regarding membership, please email [email protected].

Mailing Address for Checks:

Florida Records Management Association
5004 E. Fowler Avenue, Suite C-338
Tampa, FL 33617

If you have questions, please contact Sean Eck, Director of Membership, or any of the Board Members.

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